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I am one escort girls who knows a lot about having fun.

So, as an escort, the whole happy ending Las Vegas style date is pretty much standard in my book. I make people happy, it's just what I do. I love seeing people happy because of me, too, which means that I really don't limit myself on what I do to elicit that happiness. As a result, I do some pretty weird things.

Example Of Some Things I Have Done...

  • Been a nude model for a man to paint before giving him a Las Vegas style massage.
  • Browsed a pet store and pet dogs with a man for 45 minutes before heading to a hotel.
  • Gardened with a man and his wife before going to dinner, a movie and some late-night entertainment.
  • Popped balloons between my...

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I love being a gfe for any occasion, why not get in a workout as well.

So, last time, I posted about going a Vegas GFE and falling in love... I think I'll continue the theme a bit. For the next week, it looks like I'll be doing the Las Vegas GFE thing again, and this time I get to play girlfriend in a gym.

Before you think my client is silly, let me say that sometimes people who hire escorts just don't want to feel strange in a new city, and sometimes they're shy. And that girls like me love shy guys.

Just Some Hot Companionship...

Anyway, my client is in town for a week and he wants to stay in shape while he's in Vegas. His awesome hotel has an even better gym, and he picked it for that very reason! I'm already in pretty good shape (can't afford not to be, really), and my client wants me to join him at...

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why im sad

Hey everyone! So, it's been a crazy few weeks. I got new clients. I fell in love. I took a belly dance class (with a man). I fell in love. I hung out with friends. I fell in love. I had delicious ice cream. I fell in love....

So Yeah, My Last Month Was Interesting...

Noticing the trend yet? Yeah, that's right. I fell in love. I also cried my eyes out in a limo and ate my feelings with ice cream. BECAUSE I fell in love, mind you.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. I do the GFE for clients, when they want it. If you're asking what a GFE is, let me tell you... It's the Girlfriend Experience...

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I love a romantic coffee shop outing

Do you know what women want? No? That's okay, no one does. I mean, I can guess, but it sounds hokey. I know what this Vegas escort girl wants, though... And it's a lot more... Fun. ;)

When a normal woman says that she wants a man who goes out of his way to do little things for her, she probably means things like picking up coffee or making her tea, like hugging her tight and telling her she's beautiful.

Do Thing For Me Differently

When I say I want men who go out of their way to do little things for me, I mean something a bit different... I mean that I'd like to you to bring me coffee with a dirty note written on the inside of the little hand protector. I want you to come up behind me and pull me close to you so that I can feel how hard I make you. I want you to show me that you find me beautiful with how passionately you take me.

When a normal woman says that she wants a man who will spend his time with her, she means she wants all of his time. Time that he could spend at work, time that he could spend with his buddies at a bar and any time that he might spend elsewhere.

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faqs secrets

Hey everyone, it's your favorite Vegas escort girl again!! So, I'm in a pretty upbeat mood this morning because I just came home from an in-room breakfast with a client of mine and the... everything... was divine!

FAQs Just For You...

I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about at first, just that I wanted to bring you all into my life as a Vegas escort girl, but I think I have just the thing! It'll be an FAQ post! So, it's just a bunch of fun, sometimes very intimate, facts about me and other escorts I know. Ready?

1. Let's start off with a deep, dark secret... Sometimes, when I'm chatting with a client... and then when I'm in the bathroom re-doing my hair and stuff, I pull out my purse vibe (yep, I guess that's fact 1.5) and I, ahem, release myself. It's super quiet and nobody but me can hear it! I do this about, oh, say... 40% of the time. 
2. Sometimes, when I'm with a man in a hot tub or out to dinner, I don't tell him how turned on I am each time it comes up. Like, I'll mention how much I enjoy him, but if I keep telling him over and over how much his company pleases me, he starts to think I'm full of it. So, instead of looking like I'm lying just to flatter the man, I just say it once and keep quite the rest of the time. 

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Last night sucked. I went down to my favorite strip club, wanting to dance and make some extra cash, and I left feeling bad. About my butt.

So, the night started as usual, and about halfway through, I was up on stage. I was dancing, looking sexy, feeling sexy and making money. What happened next, though, sucked.

I Was So Confused...

There I was, shaking my badonkadonk, when this short, squat little guy -- let's call him SS -- walked up to my stage. He leans in and beckons me over to him, so I make my way over and say hi. He tells me that I need to come see him in the manager's office after I'm off stage.

By now, I'm confused. I know the club's manager, the SS guy isn't him. This guy just looks evil, hence his nickname. I start to get worried. What if something happened to the manager? Is he okay? Is something wrong? Anyway, I wrap up my set, TURN DOWN A LAP DANCE, and go to the manager's office.

When I get to the manager's office, the SS guy is behind his desk, looking at me with his eyebrows raised. As I shake his hand and introduce myself, his nasal voice cuts me off and he demands...

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Vegas Strippers

So, I know I'm the Vegas escort girl and all, but sometimes I like to travel on my own. Without clients. When I do that, I usually head to another state and stay there for a few weeks. I pay for this by stripping in these states.

It's easy to get hired at a strip club if you're just passing though. Be sexy, be prepared and walk into the city's nicest club. Tell them you're a traveling dancer and that you need somewhere to work for a couple of days. I've never been turned away.

Strip Club To Strip Club

Stripping in other states is pretty fun, really. I keep all of my traveling gear in a toolbox with a padlock on it so that I don't have to worry about if a locker will be available. I've been told time after time how brilliant this is, so I guess it isn't that common.

Note to strippers: Lockable toolbox = best locker ever.

Anyway, I'll show up at a club about an hour before night shift starts. (Sometimes, if I want to explore the city's nightlife, I'll take day shift instead, but the money isn't as good.) I'll head back to the dressing room, keep to myself, check in with whoever I need to check in with, and then start getting ready. In most states, that means two pairs of tiny thongs (yep... two), a nice dress, hair down, makeup heavy. Aaaand awful, painful stripper heels.

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Escort's Favorite

As a Vegas escort girl, I've seen my share of wonderful and awful people, and I've kept almost all of them company. Over the years, I've come to have favorite clients and least favorite clients, and I've noticed that my favorite clients all do similar things that make me like them. There are just certain traits that a client can have that will make me love them. Now, of course I'm not going to tell you who my favorite clients are, but...

I'll Tell You How To Make Me Like You.

Right off the bat, let's say this: If you're looking at girls on Craigslist and BackPage, don't tell me that you're doing that. It makes me feel devalued. I'm not some dumb bimbo who's prostituting on a sleazy, dangerous website. I am a Vegas escort girl, and I expect you to treat me as such. I don't mind that you do those things, but I mind if you sit there and treat me like I'm one of those girls.

With that out of the way... I think the most common trait of my favorite clients is that they're always on time. When I say I'll meet you at 5:00, I expect to meet you at 5:00. I'll probably be there at 4:45, because I like to be punctual, so if you show up at 5:00, I've already been waiting for 15 minutes. That's my fault, I realize, but if you then keep me waiting until 5:15, it means I waited for your you-know-what for half an hour. If, instead, you arrive exactly on time or even a couple minutes early, you show that you respect my time.

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Cranky Escort

Working as a Vegas escort girl is like working in any other customer service job... Some days I'm happy to be at work, other days I want to be anywhere but. I'm usually super upbeat and I don't let it bother me, but seriously, some days I just hate my job.

Sometimes I Can Get Grumpy

I could be sitting down with the nicest man I've ever met, and if I'm having a bad day, I'll want to be anywhere else. Maybe I want to be watching a movie at home, maybe I wish I'd been a writer instead of an escort, maybe I just want to retire already. Whatever I'm thinking, it's no fault of the client's. It's just that escorting sometimes leads to grumpy moods.

The last time I had a bad day, it was because my schedule was packed and the day started with me waking up from a nightmare. My nightmare was about I client that I fell in love with, a long time ago. I dreamt that I met up with him again, away from work as an escort, and he took me out on a date. Things got hot and heavy, and then he was suddenly a scary client that I had years ago, and he was trying to kill me. I woke up in a cold sweat, making so much noise that I stirred myself from sleep. I was terrified, grossed out, sad, reliving heartbreak and already done for the day. I was already wanting to curl up in a ball and go back to bed. BUT, it was time for work instead.

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Strippers in Vegas

So, as you may remember from my post "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: Do You Like Your Job?," I asked my friends and clients about the content that they'd like to see on this blog. Because I often work in strip clubs, I received a lot of requests for an article about what strippers are really thinking. If you go to strip clubs regularly, maybe this will be TMI, but I think you'll appreciate it nonetheless. If you've never been to a strip club, don't let it scare you off. ;-)

As a stripper myself, I've had a lot of discussions backstage. Us strippers laugh about the silly, gross and odd things that we think while dancing. It's what keeps the night light. And it's one of the reasons I still strip in addition to my work as a Vegas escort girl.

Here's what one of my friends said: "When I notice you walk through the door of a strip club and make eyes with you, I see a sad, gullible person with nothing better to spend their money on than fake affection. On my good nights, I'll feel bad for you as we lock eyes and I lick my lips. More often, on nights when my feet hurt, I'm thinking about what I'll eat after I leave work as I lick my...

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Cold Escort

I might be a Vegas escort girl, but sometimes I'm a traveling escort girl, too. When a wealthy client would like me to travel with them, sometimes I take them up on it. Today, I am getting ready for my return flight to Vegas from Colorado. This trip has been shorter than usual, but I enjoyed my 24 hours as a snow bunny. That's right, a 24-hour trip to Colorado. It was a short flight and a comfy stay, and now, I'm headed back to Vegas.

I can't say that I'm disappointed in heading back to Vegas. Colorado is COLD this time of year! It's in the single digits. Do you realize that, as a Vegas escort girl, I'm accustomed to 40 degree weather right now? I miss the warm weather, but my client did take me winter clothes shopping. I'm all decked out in fur and warmth, and getting ready to go back to Vegas where I'd roast in such attire.

This is the first trip that I've taken since keeping this blog, and I'm excited to tell you all about it. I had planned to write about it as it was happening, but I just got too busy. My flight over was first class with my client, and this was only my second time meeting him. We sat side-by-side on the plane and truly...

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