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This post is essentially part two of my last post, "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: Do You Like Your Job?" People don't stop asking questions after I enthusiastically confirm that I love my job. They ask more questions. In fact, this question follows up the last one so frequently that I sometimes start answering it before they ask. Like I did in that last post.

The NEXT question everyone asks me is: (Well, okay) What Don't You Like About Your Job?(!?)

My answer: Mostly, the same things you hate about your job: Douchebags and scum.

Now there's an answer people believe. Everyone hates douchebags and scum. I'm no different. When someone seeks my company, I expect them to enjoy my company. I don't know about you, but my idea of enjoying someone's company is not: being rude, being cheap or being scary.Let me make myself clear...

I hate rude clients. People who insult me, talk on the phone for the whole time I'm with them or don't listen when I speak drive me batty. Seriously, who wants to deal with people like that?! Not me. If a man (or woman) wants to spend time with a woman who's smart, funny, classy and gorgeous (that's me), he needs to put his douche face away and be a polite, fun, classy gentleman. Or at least as close as he can get to that.

I hate cheap clients. There's nothing worse for getting all dolled up for a night on the town and then haggling over price. When a client wants to haggle, I want to leave after shouting something like "If you're so !@$# broke that you need to haggle my price, get the heck out of Vegas and go find a low-maintenance girlfriend!" I never, ever shout at my clients, but cheap douchebags are always trying to change that.

I hate scary clients. Feeling like I'm in danger isn't my idea of fun. I get that sometimes a client can't help being scary, but if you're a scary person, at least make me feel safe. This means something different to everyone, but I just want to feel like I'll survive the night. I'm not going to be funny on this one because it's serious. Safety is important for Vegas escort girls like me.

Bonus answer! Let's clear the somber air that the last answer created with something lighter...

I sometimes wish I wasn't single. Falling in love would happen every month for me if I let it. My clients are that awesome. As a Vegas escort girl, though, falling in love isn't an option. I need to stay single for me, for my clients and for the theoretical boyfriend. This one doesn't make me sad, though. I know that one day, when I stop being an escort, I'll find an amazing man. And we'll live happily ever after on my savings account/retirement fund. For now, though, I put that wish aside and I enjoy having a ball with my clients.

Negative post... Done! If it isn't obvious, I hate negativity and I avoid it at all costs. So let's end this post here and look forward to my next post about a more fun interview question!



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