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You probably come to the Vegas escort girl's website to read sexy things. Sexy things about escorting. Or stripping, if my last post (Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: What's It Like Being a Stripper?) is anything to go off of. But, like I've said before, these first few interview posts are to answer questions that I gathered from my friends and clients. When I told them I was making an escort blog and asked for question ideas, some of them asked questions not related to being an escort. One unrelated question in particular came up with almost everyone...

The Unrelated Question: What Are Your Hobbies/What Do You Do For Fun?

My Answer: Masturbate! ... Just kidding ... I do normal stuff.

Seriously, I think half of my clients really thought that I would say that I masturbate for fun. Probably half of my friends, too. Sometimes I like a little DIY (if you know what I mean), but usually, I do normal girl stuff. I workout. I do yoga. I shop. I read. I listen to music. I learn languages. I do normal stuff!

Really, I just do all the things that I did before I was an escort. It's not like it changed. And it's not like my hobby has been being someone's fantasy for my whole life. I have always liked staying in shape, staying flexible, having nice things, reading, listening to music and being educated. It just so happens that my hobbies keep me physically and mentally sexy for my clients.

When I workout, I usually do Pilates. Pilates kicks (and lifts) my butt every time. I do Pilates for about an hour a day, five days a week. Sometimes I do my own workout routines, sometimes I follow a DVD and sometimes I use YouTube videos. Pilates keeps my butt lifted, my stomach perfectly flat, my arms shapely and my legs sexy and lean. I love Pilates and I love looking sexy because of Pilates, too. After Pilates, I usually do yoga. For those of you who haven't tried yoga (I'm looking at you, boys), it's not easy. BUT, yoga is relaxing, it keeps me balanced and, most importantly, it keeps me flexible. I like being flexible. I like being able to put my legs behind my head. It's fun, it's healthy and it's sexy.

If I'm not kicking my own butt to make sure I look good in clothes, I'm buying clothes. Or jewelry. A lot of my clients like to give me gift cards to upscale shopping centers, and I don't let those gift cards go to waste. When a client tells me to get myself something nice, that's exactly what I do. Shopping is a sort of zen for me, really. It's time to focus on me, on my needs and on things that I like. It helps me organize my thoughts almost as well as yoga. The best part? I always walk away with something seductive in my bag.

In my downtime, though, I listen to music and read. Usually at the same time. I like classical music. Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and the like. Music with lyrics distracts me, I guess. But classical music helps me think. When I'm listening to it, I usually end up reading. I like to read fiction -- romance mostly. (Go figure.) Not slutty romance, I mean real, classic romance novels. They make me feel dreamy and I think they make me like my job a little more. It helps me see the beauty in people's flaws.

Aside from romance, I like to read about languages. Well, really, I like to learn languages. Since I travel with my clients, it pays to know a bit of this language and a bit of that language. Traveling is nicer when you can communicate with the locals. I guess I spend a lot of my time learning languages, if I think about it. Maybe it'll pay off one day, when I decide to go escort in another country. It would be nice to be able to move to France, Germany or Japan and speak the native language over a sexy dinner with a client.

Anyway, I'm sure you're aching for a post that's a bit more fun than this one, so I'll wrap it up here. Sorry if I rambled a bit, but when you're a Vegas escort girl like me, you just love talking!



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