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I mentioned earlier, in the first blog post of this interview series (Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: Do You Like Your Job?), that I questioned both clients and friends about what questions they want me to answer. Clients and friends asked a lot of the same questions. Unsurprisingly, though, my clients had their own questions that my friends would probably consider TMI. There's one question that I get more than any other... And honestly, I don't mind answering it.

The Client Question: What Turns You On/What Are Your Fetishes?

My Answer: Not what you might think...

When a client wants to know what turns me on, it's my first instinct to lie to him (or the occasional her). I want to say something based on what I know of my client and his interests. Something that will intrigue him and get him thinking. BUT, the best trick I've learned in my time as an escort is this: If you're going to lie, tell the truth.

I'll explain. When a client wants to know what turns me on, I won't be believable if I just mimic his fetishes. I don't, for example, get off on water sports. If water sports are his thing, that's fine, but he'll probably see straight through me if I say they're my thing too. Instead, if I tell Mr. Water Sport that I'm turned on by romantic sex that's occasionally off-set by something extremely kinky, I'm being honest. This will get his mind going, and since he's Mr. Water Sport, he's going to think that the aforementioned extremely kinky garnish is exactly what turns him on. Meanwhile, I rest easy knowing that I'm pretty vanilla, all things considered, and extremely kinky in my world is more akin to hard hair pulling.

I know what you're thinking now, though. How on earth does a vanilla girl who thinks hair pulling is kinky end up as a Vegas escort girl? Well, let me tell you. I have no idea. More than half of the clients I talk to come to me and tell me all about some super kinky fetish they like. I'll have to make a post about some of the best (and worst) fetishes I've been exposed to later, but trust me, I've heard some... Well, you know. I'm not sure how my turn ons ended up so normal, but they did. It all works out in the end because I'm turned on by turning people on.

Seriously, turning people on arouses me. When I tell people that, though, they usually think I'm full of it and they tell me that I don't need to lie to them. No joke, I actually end up keeping my biggest turn on a secret because it's too perfect to most people. I do love romantic sex. And I can get really into hair pulling, biting and the like, but honestly? All of that is miniscule compared to how much I like turning people on.

Maybe my love for being sexy is why I'm an escort. Men want me because they think I'm sexy. Because I arouse them. It's hard to walk away from that when you're an escort. I mean, really. With the number of married men that I've had dinner with, I'm well aware that attraction to your partner fades over time in all but the best relationships. That means that, eventually, my husband (assuming I ever flush Mr. Right out of hiding) will eventually stop turning me on because I stopped turning him on. It sucks, but it's true. I want to enjoy turning people on while I've still got it.

I do tell a few clients the honest truth about what arouses me, though. They expect lies when they hire a Vegas escort girl, so I don't know if they believe me, but I tell them. I say that I like slow, romantic sex. Sometimes with my hair pulled so hard that my back is wrenched into a permanent, sexy arch and the man is left with a fist full that's no longer attached to my head. And then, I tell them that what gets me turned on enough to have romantic sex with someone is the fact that I turn them on first.

So, there you have it... There's part of why I love being a Vegas escort girl!



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