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Hey everyone, it's your favorite Vegas escort girl again!! So, I'm in a pretty upbeat mood this morning because I just came home from an in-room breakfast with a client of mine and the... everything... was divine!

FAQs Just For You...

I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about at first, just that I wanted to bring you all into my life as a Vegas escort girl, but I think I have just the thing! It'll be an FAQ post! So, it's just a bunch of fun, sometimes very intimate, facts about me and other escorts I know. Ready?

- 1. Let's start off with a deep, dark secret... Sometimes, when I'm chatting with a client... and then when I'm in the bathroom re-doing my hair and stuff, I pull out my purse vibe (yep, I guess that's fact 1.5) and I, ahem, release myself. It's super quiet and nobody but me can hear it! I do this about, oh, say... 40% of the time.
- 2. Sometimes, when I'm with a man in a hot tub or out to dinner, I don't tell him how turned on I am each time it comes up. Like, I'll mention how much I enjoy him, but if I keep telling him over and over how much his company pleases me, he starts to think I'm full of it. So, instead of looking like I'm lying just to flatter the man, I just say it once and keep quite the rest of the time. 

- 3. A lot of escorts have someone that they know sitting nearby, waiting for a text from them once they're with you, to let the person know that they're okay and not being murdered. Some super cautious escorts like me, though, go to extra lengths from time to time. Instead of a text, one time, I was so scared of a client (long story) that I actually left my phone on speaker with a girlfriend of mine listening the whole time so she'd know if I was okay. You might see this as an invasion of privacy, but escorts put themselves in great danger on a regular basis and the only one who can keep us safe is us.
- 4. Most escort websites don't actually use pictures of the girls that you're going to spend time with. This is a privacy and safety measure. Instead, they use pictures of hot models and then they send you girls who look like them. Sometimes, I have to explain this to clients, but usually, I'm just told how I look so much hotter than I did in my pictures, which is a huge confidence boost. Sometimes men get really mad about this one, but again, it's up to us to keep ourselves safe.
- 5. If you've ever met an escort at her place (some services do this) and she invited you into the living room for a massage, you might not have been alone. There's often someone listening in to make sure that the girl was safe. Once, I actually talked to a girl who worked as an escort from an apartment building. Whenever men came over, two other girls and their bodyguard went into a locked back room and watched on a live feed camera to make sure everything went well. I'll say it at third time, if you think this is privacy invasion, then think again. Her life was saved about three months in by this safety measure. She was giving a massage to a client when he violently grabbed her throat and started choking her. The bodyguard came out of the back room just in time to save her life and reprimand the douchey client.
- 6. Okay, onto a more lighthearted one... When I really, really like a client, sometimes I get vajazzled for him. If you don't know what that is... Look it up in an image search!
- 7. lot of escorts have entire fake back stories to let you in on, making you feel like you're getting to know the "real" girl. If you're given a real name, birthplace, parent story, friend story or college background, I'd say that (at least) half the time, it's a totally fake story. This creates the illusion of closeness without actually getting too close. Now, this one isn't always because the girl is looking out for her physical safety. I'll use myself as an example -- sometimes, I do this because if I told the client all about the real me, I might fall in love. It's emotional safety that I'm worried about half the time.
Okay, I'll stop there. Seven is a great number in my book, so seven facts for you!! Some of those aren't so fun and lighthearted, but that's why it's an FAQ and not a "Let me tell you everything you've ever wanted to know so that you'll book an escort right now!" page. That's why you read my Vegas escort girl blog, right? For the real deal?

Anyway, I'm off to take a bubble bath and reflect on how much I love my Vegas escort girl life!!




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