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So, I know I'm the Vegas escort girl and all, but sometimes I like to travel on my own. Without clients. When I do that, I usually head to another state and stay there for a few weeks. I pay for this by stripping in these states.

It's easy to get hired at a strip club if you're just passing though. Be sexy, be prepared and walk into the city's nicest club. Tell them you're a traveling dancer and that you need somewhere to work for a couple of days. I've never been turned away.

Strip Club To Strip Club

Stripping in other states is pretty fun, really. I keep all of my traveling gear in a toolbox with a padlock on it so that I don't have to worry about if a locker will be available. I've been told time after time how brilliant this is, so I guess it isn't that common.

Note to strippers: Lockable toolbox = best locker ever.

Anyway, I'll show up at a club about an hour before night shift starts. (Sometimes, if I want to explore the city's nightlife, I'll take day shift instead, but the money isn't as good.) I'll head back to the dressing room, keep to myself, check in with whoever I need to check in with, and then start getting ready. In most states, that means two pairs of tiny thongs (yep... two), a nice dress, hair down, makeup heavy. Aaaand awful, painful stripper heels.

How I Get Down In The Clubs

Next, I'll lounge in the back and wait for the night shift to begin. I usually read or talk to the strippers at the club, depending on my mood.

When I'm called up on stage, I'll slink out from the dressing room and make my way lazily to the stage. This sort of behavior makes guys perceive you as sultry, and it often makes me more money. I usually ask the DJ to play rock for me, as hip hop just isn't my thing on my nights. Sometimes, I even dance to country. (This was inspired by a woman who coached me when I first started stripping. I'll tell you about her some other day.)

As I step onto the stage, I'll grab the pole and walk around it, like it's an old lover or someone that I'm courting. Then, I'll dance facing away from the crowd for a few seconds, watching myself in the mirror. Well, it looks like I'm watching myself in the mirror, but I'm really scoping out the crowd. This lets me see who's watching me and who isn't. Once I've looked over my crowd, I'll turn around, press my back up against the pole and dance slowly for a few seconds as I start to undo some of my clothing. Usually.

By this time, I'll have men at my stage. I'll go over to them, say hello, ask their names and do my best to remember them. Then I'll walk away, hop on the pole, and get to work.

Once I'm on the pole, I just run through pole tricks I know. I practice. I don't really care about anyone but me. I'll keep this up til the end of the set, and then I'll get off stage and go find a lap dance prospect or three. What next? Rinse and repeat.

I change clothes about three times throughout the night and my energy picks up as I get further into things. I'll usually let men buy me red bull instead of drinks. Sometimes, I'll ask the bartender to pour me red bull whenever someone orders me a shot. Again, depends on my mood.

Off To The Next...

Once the night is over, I tip the doorman, DJ and club higher than required, get a cab, crash in my hotel room and use my money to explore the state the next day before I do it all over again.

After a week or so, I come back and go back to my usual life as a Vegas escort girl ;) It's just nice to get away, sometimes. To just adventure, explore and do something different. At the end of the day, though, I love my life as a Vegas escort girl and I just can't stay away for too long.




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