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So, I moved several states away from home to become a Vegas escort girl, but sometimes I'm still afraid that I'll meet someone that I know. It's an inherent fear. What if my high school math teacher hires me?! That sort of thing. Well, it hasn't happened many times, but I did meet someone from my hometown once. And he was friends with my Mother.

Enjoying The Date...

The date started out really nice, honestly. He sent a limo to pick me up. Normally, I do my own commuting, but he was using a limo service I trust, so I went with it. I enjoyed a nice, 30-minute ride in the limo (never mind that for 20 of those minutes, we were stuck in traffic) and I was dropped off at a fancy restaurant that I'd never been to. I checked my dress and makeup, and then I headed inside to find my table. The man was already waiting for me, at the table he had reserved a week ago. I thought he looked familiar, but some people just have those faces.

Pushing the thought aside, I introduced myself and sat down. He asked me if I'd accompany him to a business get together after dinner, I said yes, and then he told me his name. I knew the name. My Mom had just went on about this guy two weeks ago, about how he's a work friend and how he's really nice. She even linked me to his Facebook page. When she said he had an upcoming business trip, I didn't ask to where, but now... Now I knew his business trip was to Vegas. And I was his arm candy.

I Was In A Panic

I was surprised that he didn't see the shock in my face when he told me his name. If he did, maybe he just thought that I'd heard of him. Whatever the case, he didn't notice that I was internally panicking. Sure, my Mom has guessed what I do, but I didn't want her to know firsthand!

Eventually, I calmed myself down, assuring myself that no businessman would ever tell some random female coworker about his time with a Vegas escort girl named Molly. And if he did, my mom doesn't know I go by Molly, so I'd be safe. But what if he'd seen pictures of me from my Mom!? Yeah, those thoughts wouldn't leave me alone for a good hour that I was with him.

Once we had finished our food and gotten to know each other, I was finally calming down. If he knew it was me, there was no way that he was going to tell my Mom. You don't just tell someone that you hired a Vegas escort girl and she turned out to be their daughter. It incriminates you, identifying you as the type of person who hires Vegas escort girls. No bueno.

Still, though, I couldn't quit thinking about it until I was in a limo heading home. And even then, I couldn't shake it from my mind. I'd just been on a date with some guy my Mom recently made friends with. Part of me wanted to call my Mom. To tell her "That guy you were talking about? Don't even think about dating him! I'll lose my lunch if you do." But, then I'm calling her telling her "One of my ESCORT clients? Yeah, he was your friend." Not happening. I dropped it.

To this day, though, I cringe a bit when I see a familiar face on a client. I hope I don't know them and, now, I hope that they don't know my Mother. It was a mortifying experience, and I was unreasonably freaked out, but I'm over it now.

These days, I look back on that night and I laugh. It is kind of funny if I think about the differences between how my Mom sees him and how I see him. And I wonder how much he'd balk if I had told him who I was. Whatever the case, it's just another moment in my past that makes me love the random things that happen as a Vegas escort girl.



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