I felt so beautiful as he kept me for her personal collection.

Hey everyone! So, your favorite Vegas escort girl had a super fun weekend!! It involved nature, hiking and nudity! And photography! Yeah, that's right, I did a nude and naughty nature photo shoot! (Just loving alliteration today...)

He Wanted A Piece Of Me Just For Himself

So, I was contacted by a photographer who does private collection, meaning that everything he photographs is just for him. Really, anyone can be a private collection photographer, you just need a camera, a location and a sense of respect for the girl you're taking pictures of. The guy I worked with had all three, plus experience photographing models for magazines. He was also nice, handsome and funny.

When he contacted me, I got skittish, though. He didn't want to tell me his name, or show me his website, and I got worried that it was someone up to no good. It turns out that he was worried about the same thing. He didn't want me to slander his name once I had it, because he's a legit photographer indulging personal interests. That means that if his boss or clients found out, they might not want to work with him anymore. People do funny things when they're protecting themselves, and when you get two defensive people together, their attitudes often exacerbate the situation even more.

Time To Prep Myself Like A Virgin

Eventually, after coffee, he showed me his website and I felt safer. We made our photography appointment over our coffee and I went home to get excited. The night before, I prepared myself like a virgin preparing herself for sacrifice. I took a long, warm bath, complete with candles, dimmed light and incense. I delicately shaved my legs (and everything else) so that I would be hair-free, but have no trace of razer burn. I washed my hair with my nicest shampoo and conditioner, soaked in the bath for awhile longer, and then patted myself dry before coating my skin in dusting powder to give it a nice scent and glisten.

Next, I wrapped myself in a luxurious, fluffy bathrobe (that I may or may not have taken from a hotel awhile ago), laid down to read a bit before bed, and then snuggled between my satin sheets to sleep.

No better massage than the Asian massage Las Vegas provides.

In the morning, I patted on a new coat of dusting power and then I slipped on a dress with no bra or underwear. When you prepare for a photo shoot, you don't want any lines on your skin! I felt super sexy in my dress and nothing else. I felt even sexier knowing that someone was paying me to take pictures for his private use!

Off To Slip Out Of MY Dress

Soon, there was an Uber outside my door. I was expecting a taxi or limo, but Uber is fine, too. He took me to a location which I will not disclose, but it was forever away, all the way to a trailhead. The Uber guy was super quiet and polite, and he knew exactly where he was going (More than I can say for some Uber drivers!! WAY more!). When he dropped me off, my photographer came up to me and said he'd be driving me home, dismissing Mr. Uber.

We hiked a bit, to a secluded location that he said he'd used before, and then he set up his camera while we chatted. He made small talk about his wife and kids, which is always somewhat awkward, but since I was there for photography, it seemed totally innocent. After his camera was all set up, I went to take off my dress, but he said that he wanted to capture me slipping out of it.

I went up to a nice, pretty location in front of his camera and started sexily taking off my dress and posing for his pictures. He directed me for specific poses he wanted, and eventually, I was in the buff in the bluffs. (Okay, not exactly the bluffs, I just really wanted a new alliteration...!)

After about an hour of snapping pictures, 50 minutes of which I was naked, I slipped on my dress, he packed up his gear (lol) and we went back to his car. He drove me all the way back to my home, and promised to send me the pictures soon. About a day later (on Monday), I received an email with a totally hot babe in it! The babe was me, of course, and the pictures made me look 100x better than any mirror ever has. (Should I be mad at mirrors?) I love them. I can't use them for anything, and neither can he, as per our contract, but I will cherish them forever!! There's this one, where I'm on my knees with my hands in my hair, looking all sultry at the camera.... It's sooooo hot!!

I am SO SO SO glad that I didn't get scared off during my initial discussions with Mr. Photographer Man, and I hope to do more shoots with him in the future!

Anyway, there's your story about a Vegas escort girl naked in nature, taking naughty nudes. Next time... Who knows what I'll talk about!




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