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So Yeah, My Last Month Was Interesting...

Hey everyone! So, it's been a crazy few weeks. I got new clients. I fell in love. I took a belly dance class (with a man). I fell in love. I hung out with friends. I fell in love. I had delicious ice cream. I fell in love....

Noticing the trend yet? Yeah, that's right. I fell in love. I also cried my eyes out in a limo and ate my feelings with ice cream. BECAUSE I fell in love, mind you.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. I do the GFE for clients, when they want it. If you're asking what a GFE is, let me tell you... It's the Girlfriend Experience.

When a man hits up Las Vegas GFE girls, he wants to feel like he isn't with an escort, but instead that he's with his super hot gf. And that's freakin' awesome! I mean it's what most men want, but some know to ask for the experience by name. So, anyway. I met a new client. He was charming and he wanted the GFE. I was totally down. I was even more up for it when I found out that we'd be dating for two weeks!

So, not only is it awesome that I get to spend two weeks with Mr. Charming, but, well, the pay is really nice.

Good Pay + Mr. Charming + 2 Weeks of Work Planned = Happy Molly

Our first date was a nice Vegas show that my client had been wanting to catch for awhile. I dressed in something slinky and red, he picked me up in a limo and we got to know each other. We had a delicious dinner, a great time watching the show and I went back to his hotel with him. In fact, save for trips to my home to make sure everything was okay, he basically wanted me to live with him for two weeks.

We started the next day with a breakfast more grand than I'd ever imagined, then shopping. After that, we went on a long drive toward Cali to meet one of his friends. On the way, we talked about EVERYTHING. I also found out that we were gearing up for a family reunion and I was to be his girlfriend for it.

Fast forward four days and we're at the reunion. I'm being a good girlfriend and he's mingling. I'm eating snacks, talking with his family about how great he is, and he's catching up with people he hasn't seen in awhile. At some point, I got peopled-out (yeah, it even happens to me) and I snuck off to check my voicemail. I had just one voicemail. It was from a client who was coming to Vegas for a night and needed a GFE. I hung up with my voicemail, making a mental note that I'd need to call him and tell him I was busy.

Falling In Love With An Average Joe...

A bit later, me and Mr. Charming are walking to his limo. He tells me that his driver is actually going to take me back to my place for a few days. When I ask why, he mentions that he received a phone call from an ex who heard he was in the area and wanted to see him. He said he'd be back in three days. This meant I had time for that other client. I called him and made an appointment for a day on the town on my way back in the limo.

The next morning, we met. I feel silly. I don't have much to say about the experience. We walked around, took an impromptu belly dance class and had a bunch of inexpensive fun, and a night in his hotel room. By the time I went home, I was in love. Yeah, this whole blog post for a few sentences about me falling in love with an average Joe when Mr. Charming was courting me.

I was lonely the next day and Joe, as we'll call him, was already on his way home. I had no way to reach him because he'd used a throw-away cell to talk to me. I went out for ice cream to make myself feel better, and then I ended up eating two large Sundaes.

Why Must It Be So Hard?

Finally, Mr. Charming was back. He sent his limo for me. I cried about not being able to reach Joe on the way there, alone, in the back of the limo, and then went out for more amazing meals and Vegas shows. We finished up our time together and I tried not to think about Joe. Then things went back to normal.

I'll probably never meet Joe again, and I can't even quantify why I fell so hard for him. Belly dancing with a man was silly fun, he was average-looking, not overly-intelligent, kinda broke... Maybe it was his eyes? Or his touch. I don't know. Whatever it was, it belongs in a movie, not in my life. I'm recovering from a longing heart, and Joe will probably never know that he could have had me for a lot longer than a night. That's probably exactly the way it should be, too....

If you've ever watched Across the Universe (a Beatles movie), I think I can best sum everything up by saying that sometimes, I feel like Prudence.

Alas, though, I'm not Prudence. I'm your favorite Vegas Escort girl, and I'll see you back here next time! ;)




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