Love Molly

So, as a Vegas escort girl, I've met some of my clients in very interesting ways, but there's only one client that I refer to as my accidental client. He is one of my favorite clients and, to be honest, sometimes I wish he was more than a client. But, things are the way they are, and our circumstances are pretty funny.

Something Unexpected...

One morning, I was out jogging in a park near my home dressed in cute, tight shorts, a baggy tank top and headphones. Unfortunately, on that day, my headphones had decided that they didn't want to work. In fact, they tried playing an awful garbled imitation of my song when I turned on my iPod, so I just gave up on music. Which meant my mind was wandering. And so were my eyes.

While jogging along, wondering if I looked cute (See why I usually listen to music? Only superhumans look cute jogging...), my eyes wandered ahead of me and straight onto the face of a cute, clearly superhuman, jogger. He was just jogging along, toward me, looking amazingly cute. Without thinking, I flashed him a smile and a wink as he passed, then went back to my random thoughts. As I was getting lost in a particularly odd train of thought about ducks, I felt a tap on my shoulder and realized that there were footsteps pounding along behind me. I stopped immediately and turned around to see that I had almost tripped Mr. Cute Jogging Superhuman.

Mr. Cute Jogging Superhuman

He rambled on about having to talk to me and how his morning had been dreary until he saw me, and then he asked me for my number. Meanwhile, for some reason, I was dazed at how romantic-comedy-movie the whole situation was. (Don't worry, I fixed that really quick...) He was holding out his phone for me to enter my number into, and when I did, I pulled a coy grin like I usually do with my clients and typed my number into his phone. We chatted for about five more minutes before parting ways, and he promised to call me later.

About two days later, while making appointments with clients, I was sad that I never heard back from Mr. Cute Jogging Superhuman, but I shrugged it off. After all, I'm certainly not superhuman and therefore I do not look cute jogging. Two days after that, I was waiting at a reserved table in a nice restaurant where a new client was supposed to meet me. And when I saw the client, everything fell into place. I was mortified. In my nervous jogging coyness, I'd typed my ESCORTING number into his phone! And I'd made an appointment with him while being sad that he'd never called!

He sat down and raised his eyebrows at me, and then said how excited he was to find out about my profession. He went on to say that he had always wanted to "try an escort" and that he was impressed with my boldness when we met jogging. I was bright red by this point and told him that I'd meant to give him my usual cell phone number. He told me that I probably say that to everyone. And I gave up. I decided he'd just be another client.

To this day, though, I get excited when he makes an appointment with me, and he's one of my favorite clients. I guess, in my fantasy land, we're dating and he never found out that I'm a Vegas escort girl.



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