I loved this Island when he took me there

Hey everyone! I know that I haven't made any posts this year, but I've been around, being the Vegas escort girl that so many know and love. ;)

So, early in January, I met a client who began taking me out on very fancy dates every night for about a week. He was very nice and seemed to be deciding if I was the right girl for something. After seven consecutive days of dates, I didn't hear from him for about a week, and then... He called!

Okay, before we go further, he'll need a name. Let's call him... Traveler. That fits.

I Almost Never Answer My Phone, But For Him...

Anyway, Traveler called me and, though I usually let calls hit voicemail, I answered it on a whim. He asked me if I would join him on a trip that would last about a month. And I said yes! The pay was good, the company was smart, sexy and steamy, and I was excited.

I had about a week to prepare and a hefty gift card (courtesy of Traveler) to get ready. He didn't tell me where we were going, just that it'd be warm and exotic, so I wasn't sure what to buy. I researched packing light and I bought a cool folding suitcase, a bunch of stunning clothes for any occasion, new makeup and comfy, sexy shoes!

It Was Time To See The World!

When the day arrived, he had an airport taxi pick me up (it's not a limo, but he's practical) and I met Traveler at the doors. We were going to... Belize!!!! So, at first, he said we going to North Korea, and I about died with shock and worry, but then he said Belize and was clearly joking about Korea. Can you imagine me in North Korea!? No thank you... South Korea, sure, but not North Korea. The Vegas escort girl DOES NOT belong in North Korea.

I was super excited and ready to chill in Belize, though. I won't say exactly where we went, just that packing light was an great idea. Also, I will say that the hotel was AMAZING!! We sat and talked for the whole flight and then we took another taxi to the hotel, which took about 90 minutes. Though it was only 90 minutes away, it was soooo perfect! Up a beautiful road, with amazing architecture, friendly (English-speaking) staff, and comfy beds! Our room had a view of a harbor and a nice balcony, and a hot tub! (I always get so lucky with hot tub hotel rooms.)

Being Lazy In The Tropics

So, I unpacked, he unpacked, and we ordered room service. Next, we went shopping and he bought me this amazing scarf dress and comfy white sandals, and we went for coffee. We strolled shops all evening, and then he brought me back to the hotel room so that we could cuddle up for awhile. When I woke, he was just leaving and he let me know that he'd already ordered room service for me so that I'd have breakfast.

I basically was lazy the whole day and lounged in the hotel room ordering room service and watching the waves from my balcony window until he got back. Then, we went to dinner, and relaxed in the hot tub.

The rest of the month FLEW by. Too fast. It was all as wonderful as what I just described, though I'm sure I didn't do it justice at all. When I returned, I had two suitcases instead of one, tons of clothes, lots of goodies and SOOO many memories!

I'm usually never this excited, but how many people are lucky enough to spend such a sexy, luxurious Belize vacation for a WHOLE MONTH with a man like Traveler?! I know you haven't met him, but he's just awesome. Hands down one of my new favorite clients. He was even super nice to me when I got homesick one night (don't laugh) and he cheered me up by taking me to a burger joint!

So, anyway, after a month, I was back to being a Vegas escort girl, instead of a Belize one, and he promised we'd take a similar trip before 2018. Now THAT'S some long-term planning!

I spent a week recovering from the culture shock of going from Vegas to Belize and back again, and I didn't even accept clients. Then, it was back to the usual! Kind of. I feel... changed. Different after a month in Belize, surrounded by beaches, tasty food and wonderful people. I've traveled before, don't get me wrong, but this was different. I'm sure anyone who's been there will say otherwise, but my whole experience reminded me of the few days I spent in Italy once. It's probably the resorts that my clients choose and how they're always so suited to American girls like me.

There you have it! In 2016, I didn't blog because I was lazy for a few weeks in January, and then I was in Belize for a whole month, and then I was recovering. After I recovered, I also spent a lot of busy, busy, busy time making clients who missed me feel loved. My voicemail was full when I got home, and it filled up a second time after I cleared it and zoned out to recover.

I'm back, though, and I'm going to get back to blogging. I missed this! Talk soon, and until then, know that this Vegas escort girl is happy as a clam!




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