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As a Vegas escort girl, I've seen my share of wonderful and awful people, and I've kept almost all of them company. Over the years, I've come to have favorite clients and least favorite clients, and I've noticed that my favorite clients all do similar things that make me like them. There are just certain traits that a client can have that will make me love them. Now, of course I'm not going to tell you who my favorite clients are, but...

I'll Tell You How To Make Me Like You.

Right off the bat, let's say this: If you're looking at girls on Craigslist and BackPage, don't tell me that you're doing that. It makes me feel devalued. I'm not some dumb bimbo who's prostituting on a sleazy, dangerous website. I am a Vegas escort girl, and I expect you to treat me as such. I don't mind that you do those things, but I mind if you sit there and treat me like I'm one of those girls.

With that out of the way... I think the most common trait of my favorite clients is that they're always on time. When I say I'll meet you at 5:00, I expect to meet you at 5:00. I'll probably be there at 4:45, because I like to be punctual, so if you show up at 5:00, I've already been waiting for 15 minutes. That's my fault, I realize, but if you then keep me waiting until 5:15, it means I waited for your you-know-what for half an hour. If, instead, you arrive exactly on time or even a couple minutes early, you show that you respect my time.

Now, I understand that hang-ups happen and sometimes you can't help but be late. In this case, it is polite to call me and reschedule for a later time or for another day. Some of my favorite clients have rescheduled on me several times, but they've never disrespected me by being late. If you do show up late, don't expect me to spend extra time with you just because you couldn't be punctual.

Another common thread with my clients is that they always treat me like a lady. I am a real person, and I would like to be treated like one. If you're intimidated, that's fine, but we are equals either way. Which means that, if you think you're better than me, you're wrong. As I just said, we are equals. Treat me kindly, kiss my hand when we meet, open doors for me and act as though you are out with a woman whom you respect very much and whom you hope will like you. Why act like that? Because that better be true if I'm going to spend time with you.

I think the last thing that every one of my favorite clients has in common is cleanliness. I do not want to spend time with people who do not shower and practice good hygiene. Sorry. If you just finished an 8-hour car ride before meeting with me, make sure you have time to shower. I don't want to smell your musk or your aroma or whatever you call it. Mind you, everyone does have their own scent, and I can very much enjoy that scent, but your personal scent will still be there after you shower and scrub off all of the stink.

After writing this, I feel silly. I feel like I just gave basic tips on how to be a good person. Be on time, be polite and be clean. Those are things that everyone should do in all aspects of their lives, and if you don't, then you need to step up your game. No one likes someone who's always late (it's not fashionable, it's annoying), no one in their right mind wants to be treated like anything short of an equal (BDSM aside) and no one wants to smell your dirty, unwashed body (your personal scent is hiding under all of that nasty stink). These rules apply at all times, whether you're meeting me, a business partner or your mom.

So, there you have it. Your personal insider guide into how to get off on the right foot with a Vegas escort girl. Or, at least, how to become one of this Vegas escort girl's favorite clients. ;-)



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