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The more posts I write for this blog, the more I like it. I also really liked asking my friends and family about what questions they'd like me to answer in these posts. This is the last "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions" post I'll be doing for a bit, so I wanted to pick a really good question. After I answer this question, I'll be posting about things that are on my mind for awhile and then answer a few interview questions every now and then. After thinking about it for awhile, I think I've finally picked the most interesting question for this post. There were some good ones, and not as many people asked this one, but I was still pretty stricken by this question.

The Really Good Question: Has a Client Ever Stolen From You?

My Answer: Unfortunately, several clients stole from me when I first started.

This isn't exactly the fun post about turn-ons or sex toys that you were probably hoping for, but it's an interesting one in my opinion. When you hear an escort talk about her clients, you don't normally think about her clients stealing from her. This has happened to me, though. More times than you would think.

If you've read my About Me page, which you should, you'll know that I started in the business as a stripper. I still strip, but I'm not naive anymore, so I don't get stolen from these days. Back then, though. I lost thousands of dollars to sneaky clients.

The thing about stripping in Vegas is that you get a lot of professional thieves and people who are good at sleight of hand. Back when I first got into the business, it didn't even occur to me that people would steal from me, so I was an easy mark. As one client finally pointed out, I was a rube.

I had been stripping/escorting for about two months the first time a client stole from me. He caught me at the end of the night and I had a purse full of money (probably around $2,000), but when this client handed me $500 and asked for a one-song lap dance, I couldn't resist. I took him back to the lap dance area, set down my purse and started dancing for him, about 1 foot from his face. He asked me to show him my a$$ (that's not just me hiding a curse word), so I turned around and kept dancing for him. Soon enough, the song was over and I turned back around, thanked him for buying the dance and asked him if he wanted another. He, of course, declined and said he needed to get home to his wife.

After the man had left, I smiled happily at being done with the night and I headed backstage to count out my money, get into "plain clothes" and take off my makeup. That's about the point where my heart sunk. I set my purse on the table, freed my feet from their stripper-heel-shaped prison and went to count out my money. Then, I realized that something was wrong. My purse was missing everything except for about 100 dollar bills that I had earned on stage. He left just enough for me not to notice an empty purse right away, but he took everything else.

Upon discovering this, I frantically searched for the money in the lap dance area. I kept counting my dollar bills as though the rest of my money would reappear. I cried. I asked the DJ if he had seen the money. I looked for the thief. I did everything a frantic woman would do, but the money was gone.

In retrospect, he probably would have left me more if I wasn't so organized, but I kept my money organized with the ones separate. He was able to grab the big bills and be done, just like that. That man got a free lap dance and walked away about $2,000 richer.

I never found the thief, and I was dumb enough to get stolen from a few more times, but I wised up eventually. I don't keep all of my money in my purse anymore, I don't set my purse down by clients anymore and I don't ever take my eyes off my clients anymore. These days, some people try to steal from me, but they're usually met with a few choice words from me or, once, mace. That's a story for another day, though. Right now, this Vegas escort girl needs to go buy a tamper-proof purse.



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