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I am a girl that knows a thing or to about having fun.

So, as an escort, the whole happy ending Las Vegas style date is pretty much standard in my book. I make people happy, it's just what I do. I love seeing people happy because of me, too, which means that I really don't limit myself on what I do to elicit that happiness. As a result, I do some pretty weird things.

Example Of Some Things I Have Done...

    • Been a nude model for a man to paint before giving him a Las Vegas style massage.
    • Browsed a pet store and pet dogs with a man for 45 minutes before heading to a hotel.
    • Gardened with a man and his wife before going to dinner, a movie and some late-night entertainment.
    • Popped balloons between my thighs for 15 minutes before another Las Vegas style massage (lol).
    • Rolled around in a kiddie pool full of pudding (this was literally the only thing I was asked to do).
    • Get ready for this one.... Prepare yourself..... I once injected saline into a man's manly bits. Yep. I'll just leave this here, in the middle of the list.
    • Pretended to study school books for an hour in front of a client who was fully clothed and doing nothing obviously devious.
    • Called a man at work several times to make sure he was still wearing a clothespin on his no-nos. One that I placed there.

So... If you got through that list without laughing or shaking your head or saying "okay then," go you. I didn't, and I was there! Recently, I did another weird thing.

Nerding Out And Having Fun

I was contacted by a man who told me that he wanted me to play games with him and his friends in their hotel room. I was pretty excited, because this either meant stripper games or x-box games, in my mind. I love both of those, so without too much questioning, I said yes.

and Las Vegas happy ending is a way anyone will go.

When I arrived, I knocked and was let in by a fairly normal-looking guy. His three friends were behind him, wearing normal clothes, standing around a card table (that I think they brought with them), with a bunch of books stacked on it. There was paper everywhere. When I walked further in, I realized what was happening. I was about to learn how to play D&D...

So, I won't go into the details of the D&D game, but I played a busty girl traveling around the world with a bunch of men, using my feminine charm and sensual personality to get through things. Each time that I got through something like that (or failed to do so), I acted it out in person, per request of the guys.

At the end of the game, almost everyone had experienced my sultry character's charm, and I actually almost wanted to play another session.

Anyway, that happened. This Vegas escort girl played naughty D&D.




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