As a Vegas escort girl, I don't exactly pick the people I spend time with. And even if I did, there'd be a lot that I don't know about them. Think about it... You don't know everything about your friends, and some of your friends might even by my clients. Imagine how little I can learn about a person when we set up an appointment. It's part of the fun. I show up and go on a date with someone that I know nothing about, then I spend the date learning whatever they want me to.

One time... It totally took me by surprise.

The night started with a client telling me that I would be his date at a business meeting. He asked me to wear something sexy, yet classy. I went with a floor-length black gown that showed off my lower back and a hint of cleavage. My hair was in a French twist and I was wearing one of my favorite pairs of emerald green stilettos. When I met the man, I was please to see that we matched. He was in a deep black suit with an emerald green tie. It was perfect.

We were the first of his party to arrive and we sat facing each other at the end of a long table. After introductions, he told me how nice I looked and mentioned a hotel room with a hot tub that could ease the pain caused by my stilettos. He offered a foot rub, too. I never turn down foot rubs.

"I didn't stop him, and before I knew it, he was..."

When his party started showing up, he switched to communicating with me via text. It would have been pretty obvious to anyone watching, but everyone was fixated on their food, the restaurant, their conversation and other things. After our entrees arrived, he texted me a request to run my feet up his legs. I thought it was fun, so I did. He caught my foot in his hand after a few minutes, and he took off my shoe. I didn't stop him, and before I knew it, he was massaging my foot between bites.

He kept this up the entire time. He just kept massaging my feet. It didn't take me long to realize that he was a foot fetishist. I mean, you can't really miss the effects that I had on him... Trust me. He kept it pretty innocent,though, and put my shoes back on stealthily as dinner was ending. He'd obviously done this before.

After dinner, we went back to his hotel room. He offered, and I couldn't turn down more foot rubs. Or a night in a hot tub. His hotel room was exquisite, and when we closed the door behind us, he immediately started stripping down to get in the hot tub. We spent an hour or so in the hot tub, and he rubbed my feet from start to finish. Then, he got up and was certainly standing at attention. He looked at me, thanked me, handed me a gift card to a nice shoe store and told me to wear a new pair of red stilettos next time.

During our goodbyes, he told me that he loved my feet and that he'd invite me on many, many more dates like this one. And much to the delight of one Vegas escort girl, he has.




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