I recently had dinner with an utterly ridiculous client. Now, if you read my blog, you know I'm a pretty forgiving, fun girl, but this client really pushed my buttons (after he sent me over the top).

He Thought He Knew How To Work Me

So, I met this man in his hotel room, and before I even spoke with him, we were in a hot tub getting to know each other. Things were pretty fun, he didn't mind that I didn't bring a bathing suit and he very quickly learned how to get me to react the way he wanted me to.

After I was tired from all of the hot tub time, my client asked if I'd stay for dinner. I obliged, because at this point, I really liked the man. Any man who can learn how to get me to react the way he did is usually all right in my book... But that's where my enjoyment ended, and my frustration/amusement began.

This man told me how he'd been on Las Vegas Backpage for the entire week that he'd been in the city of sin. He'd hired girl after girl, and each time, they disappointed him. Given that he was talented and fun, and that escorts are pros at having a good time, I was rather perplexed, and I was growing irritated with how vague he was being.

The Nerve Of This Guy

Finally, he told me how he'd had more fun with me than all of the other girls combined, and it was because I wasn't "sick."

I was pretty confused, so I asked him to elaborate. This man then proceeded to blow up and rant about how Las Vegas Backpage should "remove girls with allergies" until they "get their issues under control." I mean, really?

Forgive me for being blunt, but escorts are freakin' people! We aren't Las Vegas Backpage escorts dolls, placed on the listing page because we're in good condition for the men hiring us... We're people! We go to websites like Backpage to make a living, to meet sexy men, to have good, adult fun and to make people happy. Also, because we're people, we also have people problems. We have periods, we have allergies, we get the flu and we go through life, just like you.

Escorts Are People Too!

When you hire an escort, you're asking to spend time with another person. I suppose you might expect a girl to stop working when her allergies kick up, but that's not always an option, especially given how long allergy season can last.

So, if you're wondering why I'm ranting, I guess I forgot to tell you the best part... The man also said that he worked at a freaking flower shop. How on earth do you work at a flower shop, get covered in pollen, and then get mad about girls having allergies!?

Uhg. I'm sorry, it's just that sometimes, I feel like when men come to the city of sin, log onto Las Vegas Backpage from their hotel rooms, and "order an escort," they think that they're buying a sex doll. You're not. You're spending time with a real live person who falls in love, gets turned on, has dreams and (newsflash) has problems. If allergies turn you off, then I suppose you could ask the girl if she has them, and look elsewhere if she says yes, but don't get angry...

Anyway, the night wasn't a total bust, the man just irritated me. The hot tub time was steamy and sexy, the dinner was delish and I did my job, which is often listening to people be people, and talk about their problems. At the end of the day, we're all human. We all have issues. Sometimes, our issues conflict with each other. But when you hire an escort to spend time with you, please try to remember that she's a real live woman who has wants, desires, fears and, sometimes, allergies.

That's all this Vegas escort girl has for you today, folks. I'm off to spend a few hours with a client who wants to hit up the hot springs, and I totally can't wait!




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