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Vegas CompanionThe more posts I write for this blog, the more I like it. I also really liked asking my friends and family about what questions they'd like me to answer in these posts. This is the last "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions" post I'll be doing for a bit, so I wanted to pick a really good question. After I answer this question, I'll be posting about things that are on my mind for awhile and then answer a few interview questions every now and then. After thinking about it for awhile, I think I've finally picked the most interesting question for this post. There were some good ones, and not as many people asked this one, but I was still pretty stricken by this question.

The Really Good Question: Has a Client Ever Stolen From You?

My Answer: Unfortunately, several clients stole from me when I first started.

This isn't exactly the fun post about turn-ons or sex toys that you were probably hoping for, but it's an interesting one in my opinion. When you hear an escort talk about her clients, you don't normally think about her clients stealing from her. This has happened to me, though. More times than you would think.

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Real Escort

If you recall, from my "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: Do You Like Your Job?" post, I went around asking people things that they'd like to know about me. I have a little notebook full of questions that my friends, clients and coworkers wrote down, actually, and I'm slowly working through all of them. Today, I'm answering a question that was only asked once, but the topic suits today's mood pretty well.

The question that was only asked once is: Do You Ever Feel Bad for Clients?

My answer: Yes. Not often, but yes.

Usually, I see my clients as big boys. They can take care of themselves, they're responsible for themselves, they don't need my sympathy. Sometimes, though, I've truly felt bad for my past clients. I'll talk about one in particular to make my point for this article. We'll call him Josh.

The night I met Josh, I was working at a strip club. He paid me several hundred dollars (and even more in drinks) to sit and talk with him for the evening. We get along well. and I did enjoy talking to him, but when he asked me if I wanted to...

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