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Molly's MoneyMost of my bolder clients and more curious friends ask me a certain invasive question -- even though the question's invasive, though, I don't really mind it. It's something that I wondered before I was an escort. If I would have asked it before becoming a Vegas escort girl, why should I get mad when someone asks me the same thing?

The invasive question is: How Much Money Do You Make (as an escort)?

My answer: It depends... On a lot.

How much a Vegas escort girl makes depends on several factors. That's like asking how long driving takes. It completely depends. That's usually the extent of my response to clients. Or, I'll tell them that they know how much I make because they've paid my fee, leaving my monthly earnings to their imagination. I'll be down-to-earth here, though. Different levels of girls (business levels, not attraction levels) make different incomes.

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Vegas escortsI mentioned earlier, in the first blog post of this interview series (Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: Do You Like Your Job?), that I questioned both clients and friends about what questions they want me to answer. Clients and friends asked a lot of the same questions. Unsurprisingly, though, my clients had their own questions that my friends would probably consider TMI. There's one question that I get more than any other... And honestly, I don't mind answering it.

The Client Question: What Turns You On/What Are Your Fetishes?

My Answer: Not what you might think...

When a client wants to know what turns me on, it's my first instinct to lie to him (or the occasional her). I want to say something based on what I know of my client and his interests. Something that will intrigue him and get him thinking. BUT, the best trick I've learned in my time as an escort is this: If you're going to lie, tell the truth.

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Molly Has FunYou probably come to the Vegas escort girl's website to read sexy things. Sexy things about escorting. Or stripping, if my last post (Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: What's It Like Being a Stripper?) is anything to go off of. But, like I've said before, these first few interview posts are to answer questions that I gathered from my friends and clients. When I told them I was making an escort blog and asked for question ideas, some of them asked questions not related to being an escort. One unrelated question in particular came up with almost everyone...

The Unrelated Question: What Are Your Hobbies/What Do You Do For Fun?

My Answer: Masturbate! ... Just kidding ... I do normal stuff.

Seriously, I think half of my clients really thought that I would say that I masturbate for fun. Probably half of my friends, too. Sometimes I like a little DIY (if you know what I mean), but usually, I do normal girl stuff. I workout. I do yoga. I shop. I read. I listen to music. I learn languages. I do normal stuff!

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Vegas StrippersSo, when you're reading interview questions from the Vegas escort girl, you're probably expecting me to talk about escorting. About nice dinners, fancy travels and strange clients. But what about my other profession? My profession as a stripper. Some of my friends are strippers and some of my clients know that I strip every now and then (I met some of them while stripping, actually). As a result, a lot of my clients and non-stripper friends always ask what I see to be an innocent question...

The Innocent Question Is: What's It Like Being a Stripper?

My Answer: Fun!

Stripping is probably when I have the most fun as a Vegas escort girl. Sure, some of my clients make for great conversation and, if you remember from my "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: What Turns You On?" post, I get aroused by some of it, but stripping is a blast!

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Las Vegas EscortsIf you read my blog for sexy things, the last post (Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: What Are Your Hobbies?) was probably a bit of a bore for you. I'm sorry about that, but hey, at least there were sexy pictures! I try to keep everyone happy, you know. Because my last post might have made some of you bored, I'm going to answer a spicier question for this post. This question mostly comes from my clients, though one friend wanted to know as well.

The Spicy Question: Do You Like Sex Toys?

My Answer: Yep! Love 'em!

Maybe, if you read how vanilla I am from my "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: What Turns You On?" post, you'd guess that I don't like sex toys. You'd be wrong in that assumption. In fact, I actually really like sex toys.

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