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If you read my blog for sexy things, the last post (Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: What Are Your Hobbies?) was probably a bit of a bore for you. I'm sorry about that, but hey, at least there were sexy pictures! I try to keep everyone happy, you know. Because my last post might have made some of you bored, I'm going to answer a spicier question for this post. This question mostly comes from my clients, though one friend wanted to know as well.

The Spicy Question: Do You Like Sex Toys?

My Answer: Yep! Love 'em!

Maybe, if you read how vanilla I am from my "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: What Turns You On?" post, you'd guess that I don't like sex toys. You'd be wrong in that assumption. In fact, I actually really like sex toys.

I got started on sex toys as a teenager (most malls sell sex toys without ID, just sayin') and I've never stopped. They're how I take care of myself sexually. When you're like me and your job is to be someone's (everyone's) fantasy, sometimes you just need a little fantasy for yourself. It's not like I have a boyfriend to keep my bed warm. But I do have sex toys.

What's really fun is that, sometimes, when I go on a date with a client, they buy me sex toys. They love taking me to sex stores as their arm-candy. They love showing off for everyone in the store by buying me whatever sex toys I want. I get to prance around a sex store and pick out the best, most interesting toys to take home. And my generous clients buy them for me! It's pretty amazing, really. And my sex toy collection is HUGE.

I have a dresser on either side of my bed. One is full of books. The other... It's full of sex toys. Just like my clients, I have toys of all different sizes, shapes and colors.

My favorite toys are small and they pack a big vibrational punch. Vibrators are my favorite. And small toys, well small toys let me respect my body, but still get off. What's the fun in using a toy if it messes up my body forever? I do plan on settling down one day, you know. And I'd like to be able to feel things when I have sex with this mythical Mr. Right. So, small sex toys are the best for me.

When I'm going out to dinner with a particularly fun client, sometimes I put those small sex toys to use. I'll tuck a tiny, smooth vibrator in my panties. This vibrator just so happens to have a remote control. Want to guess where the remote goes? No, not there... In my client's hand. It can be great fun, handing my client the remote to something like that. And then walking into one of the nicest restaurants in Vegas with him. Let me tell you, when my client hits the button as I'm trying to talk to the waiter, things get interesting.

Mind you, I don't do this with all of my clients (many wouldn't like it, others I don't feel close enough with), but the ones that do get to hold the remote love the experience. I think it makes them feel powerful. Powerful and very intimate. It's not everyday that someone hands you a remote attached to something on their body. There are two reasons that I like this game. First, I just like how vibrators feel and they turn me on. Second, as I've said before, I like turning my clients on, and the remote vibrator always arouses my clients.

With this fun tidbit out of the way, I think I've adequately described just how much I like sex toys. After writing it, I'm feeling oddly shy -- it's not everyday I'm so bold with what I share with people. I know, I know. The Vegas escort girl shouldn't get shy after talking about sex toys, but truth is truth.



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