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I'm a Vegas escort girl, as you know, and as a result I see a lot of men whose wives or girlfriends don't know that they even go to Vegas. Their bosses and coworkers often have no idea what these men do while they're in Vegas. And even their friends rarely know. When I asked my clients what sort of things they'd like me to answer on this blog, a lot of them brought up an understandable question...

The understandable question is: Do You Lead a Double Life?

My answer: No, but a lot of girls do.

The thing about me is that I don't have a life where people don't know what I do for a living. My friends all know that I'm a Vegas escort girl, either because they are too or because I trust them enough to tell them things like that. My Mom knows, even though we don't talk about it. I don't associate with many people outside of my friends and my Mom (and my clients), so I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not.

Some of my escort friends definitely lead double lives, though. Their friends don't know, their families don't know and their boyfriends certainly don't know. I don't date, so you don't hear a lot about this on my blog, but a lot of escorts date despite their job. Their boyfriends think they do something obscure, where they'd never be visited during work. In-home massage therapist is a common one that girls tell their boyfriends. They tell their families the same thing. So, these girls lead double lives. They're an escort to themselves and to their clients, but a massage therapist to everyone else. They make up stories about massaging clients and have to talk like it is their passion.

Why Would Anyone Live A Lie?

I can't imagine leading a double life like this. I mean, in one of my last posts "Vegas Escort Girl Story: My Accidental Client," I didn't immediately tell Mr. Cute Jogging Superhuman that I was an escort (well, I basically did, but I didn't mean to...), and I was considering a date with him, but I honestly was going to tell him about my job and even quit my job if we hit it off. No joke. I might be an actress, but I don't lie to people in my personal life. I have moral issues with lying and, frankly, I think everyone should.

Now, this doesn't mean that I morally judge my clients for their double lives. I only apply my morals to me. And a LOT of my clients lead double lives too. That's probably why so many asked if it's something that I do. Some of them see me so often that it's like we're dating. Meanwhile, they have a wife and three children at home that are just misinformed about said man's work schedule and off time. Some clients see me once a week on their lunch break, telling their family and coworkers that they're enjoying their weekly "alone time." So many of my clients lead double lives, in fact, that I think I'll have serious trust issues when I begin dating after I've stopped my job. At the very minimum, my boyfriend/husband/Mr. Dreamboat will have a GPS on their car. That they don't know about. So I can be sure I'm not being lied to.

A lot of people would say that's wrong, and I agree, but I've also witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of successful liars and double-lifers. Not confidence inspiring. At all.

So, there's your truth. I don't have a double life, but I'm paranoid about them and would straight up stalk my significant other to make sure that he doesn't have a double life. It's not pretty, it's not right, but it's the truth of being a Vegas escort girl.



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