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If you recall, from my "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: Do You Like Your Job?" post, I went around asking people things that they'd like to know about me. I have a little notebook full of questions that my friends, clients and coworkers wrote down, actually, and I'm slowly working through all of them. Today, I'm answering a question that was only asked once, but the topic suits today's mood pretty well.

The question that was only asked once is: Do You Ever Feel Bad for Clients?

My answer: Yes. Not often, but yes.

Usually, I see my clients as big boys. They can take care of themselves, they're responsible for themselves, they don't need my sympathy. Sometimes, though, I've truly felt bad for my past clients. I'll talk about one in particular to make my point for this article. We'll call him Josh.

The night I met Josh, I was working at a strip club. He paid me several hundred dollars (and even more in drinks) to sit and talk with him for the evening. We get along well. and I did enjoy talking to him, but when he asked me if I wanted to go on a date later, I didn't know what to say. After a few silent seconds of contemplation, I gave him my phone number and told him to listen to my voicemail (in which I state that I'm an escort) before getting excited. Then, we parted ways.

"He Asked If I Would Join Him. I Did..."

A week later, I got a message from Josh in my voicemail. He said that he considered not leaving a message, but he decided that he'd like to see me. We set up a date at an affordable restaurant and talked the night away. After the restaurant started closing (not everything in Vegas is open late), he told me that he was staying in a very nice bed and breakfast for the night and asked if I'd like to join him. I did.

When we got to the hotel room, he awkwardly patted the bed next to him, inviting me to sit down. Then, stumbling over his words (he's usually very well spoken), he asked if I'd like to cuddle. And so we cuddled. All night. I never even took off my shawl that I had on with my dress, and I don't think he took off his shoes. We just snuggled up on top of the covers. Eventually, we fell asleep like this, and then we woke up to the room service breakfast that he had requested the night before.

"He Went Somewhere That The Girls Would Talk To Him..."

We ate breakfast together, he gave me a very generous gift and told me it was a "thank you" for cuddling with him, and then he called me a cab so I could go home. Josh called me for several more dates like that. We never did anything other than cuddle. He blushed when I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Eventually, I asked him why a shy guy like him was in a strip club. He said he'd never been to one before, but he'd been lonely that night. He confessed that he hadn't dated since his first girlfriend broke his heart and now that he was ready to date again, he'd found that he was too shy to talk to girls. So, he went somewhere that the girls would talk to him. He said that he'd been building up his confidence and staving off his loneliness with me.

A few dates later, he told me goodbye. Josh had met a girl on a dating site and they'd hit it off, so he didn't need me anymore. I felt very bad for him. There were nights when his eyes watered up as we cuddled and he never wanted to do anything less than innocent. It was sweet and I just wonder what that first girlfriend did to hurt him so badly. I'll never know, though!

Also, I promise that the next post will be a sexier glimpse into the life of a Vegas escort girl, I feel like I've gone kind of soft on you all!



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