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Cranky EscortWorking as a Vegas escort girl is like working in any other customer service job... Some days I'm happy to be at work, other days I want to be anywhere but. I'm usually super upbeat and I don't let it bother me, but seriously, some days I just hate my job.

Sometimes I Can Get Grumpy

I could be sitting down with the nicest man I've ever met, and if I'm having a bad day, I'll want to be anywhere else. Maybe I want to be watching a movie at home, maybe I wish I'd been a writer instead of an escort, maybe I just want to retire already. Whatever I'm thinking, it's no fault of the client's. It's just that escorting sometimes leads to grumpy moods.

The last time I had a bad day, it was because my schedule was packed and the day started with me waking up from a nightmare. My nightmare was about I client that I fell in love with, a long time ago. I dreamt that I met up with him again, away from work as an escort, and he took me out on a date. Things got hot and heavy, and then he was suddenly a scary client that I had years ago, and he was trying to kill me. I woke up in a cold sweat, making so much noise that I stirred myself from sleep. I was terrified, grossed out, sad, reliving heartbreak and already done for the day. I was already wanting to curl up in a ball and go back to bed. BUT, it was time for work instead.

Following my bad dream I had to get up, shower, shave, put makeup on, get dressed and rush out the door. Then, I had to smile at my client and act like I was enamored with him. Sure, most clients realize you're a real person, but they don't want to spend time with a real person who's having a bad day. They want you to be that real person who makes their day wonderful. And that's who I was.

I cope with these bad days by having an alter ego. My alter ego is the woman that everyone spends time with. She's funny, smart, pretty and always enamored with whatever client she's around. She saves me from having to deal with people on my bad days.

I thought that having an alter ego made me crazy, which is one of the reasons I started seeing a psychologist, but I guess it's a totally normal coping mechanism. My psychologist told me that everyone has masks that they wear to make dealing with people easier and that I shouldn't worry. And so, I don't worry about it. I just deal with my bad days and move on with life, like the rest of the world.

Unlike the rest of the world, though, I have to deal with my bad days while acting romantic. I've been told by friends that they couldn't do it, but I think we're all capable of coping and moving on. You just have to want to do it. For me, I love being a Vegas escort girl, so of course I want to cope and move on!




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