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Lovely Molly

You know, it can get awkward for a Vegas escort girl when you open the door and allow clients to ask questions. Usually, I love the questions. Or, at least, I don't mind them. Sometimes, though... They ask me something awkward. That awkward question just so happens to be the same question friends and "coworkers" ask all of the time. I totally get why it's a common question, and it's one that I grapple with.

The awkward question is: Are You Ever Attracted to Your Clients?

My answer: Yes, and it happens more than you'd think.

When I answer this one for clients, I answer honestly, like I will below. For clients who I'm not attracted to, I give them honesty with a garnish of flattery.

Of course I'm attracted to some clients! In fact, I categorize my clients to help with memory of who's who and past conversations, and I have a whole category labeled "PHAT." That's pretty hot and tempting to anyone who's feeling lost. It's silly, but it started out as just "Hot," and then I wanted to make a category called "Tempting..." Thus, the PHAT category was born. One day, I'll have to make a series of posts about all the categories of clients I have, but for now: Attraction.

There are certain nights, or entire weeks in the case of traveling clients, where I get to sit there drooling over my client as much as he's drooling over me. Those times are probably both the best and the worst times. If I'm going to spend time with someone and make money doing it, you bet I want to be attracted to them. But, those experiences can make me just want someone to come home to. Like I mentioned in my post "Vegas Escort Girl Interview Questions: What Don't You Like About Your Job?," sometimes I really just miss dating. When I'm home watching movies and eating popcorn (yes, I do normal girl things), the couch can start to feel a little empty. I might find myself fantasizing about one of those PHAT clients sitting by my side. As... something other than a client.

Also, though, the PHAT clients make me feel really, really good about myself. When a 10 meets me for dinner, a man who probably has women throwing themselves at him, I feel flattered. I know that some women in his life would pay him for a date. And instead, he's paying me.

I don't just objectify men, though. Sometimes, an average looking man (or less than average at times) makes the PHAT list. These men do this by being sweet, brilliant, charming brain candy. We'll be talking over appetizers or during a limo ride and, suddenly, the man will say something that wows me. What I thought was going to be just another client becomes another PHAT candidate just like that. These ones take me by surprise. They shock me into that escort/client crush. Suddenly, I want to meet them again because I like talking to them, not just because I want their money. These clients turn me on with their mouths. Um, with their heads. Er... With their brains.

Anyway, that's all for now. Yes, sometimes I crush on clients. Just like I think every Vegas escort girl does.



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