So, you're probably already wondering what a post about ritual sacrifice is doing on a Vegas escort blog. I don't blame you. I'm wondering that, too. I've been a Vegas escort girl for some time, but I still have firsts. Like... Earlier this month I had a first. With a Wiccan client.

Now, I've had Wiccan clients before. I've had clients from dozens of religions (some of which, you really wouldn't expect). But I've never had a client hire me to participate in a ritual before. He told me up front and he didn't try to con me into anything. I almost said no, but curiosity killed the cat.

He Was Performing A Wiccan Ritual..

This client hired me to come spend time with him a bit out of Vegas. More like, in the dessert. Where he was performing a Wiccan ritual. I let him drive me there, against my better judgment. He told me a little bit about what he was doing, and that it involved blood and sacrifice.

We got out to his designated spooky site and he asked me to sit in the car while he prepared for his ritual. He put on a black, hooded robe and then he inscribed a pentagram on the ground, about 5" 5" across (that's my height...) He soon started using a stick to write things along the edge. They weren't letters... They were more like runes. Think Skyrim, for everyone who isn't familiar with runes otherwise.

Next, he set up a candle, a bowl of water, a feather and a big rock (big enough to knock a person out with, at least) at four points around his pentagram. He sat in front of the car for several minutes, chanting in tongues I didn't understand...

Let me stop here. Okay, so at this point, I was SPOOKED. I was wondering why he didn't leave me the car keys. I was wanting to get OUT. I was wondering why on earth I EVER agreed to come out there with him. What was I even thinking?! Going into the middle of the dessert with a Wiccan guy who wanted me to help him with a blood and sacrifice ritual. He drew a pentagram big enough for me to lay down in. He had a big, scary rock sitting right where it looked like my head would lay. Just trust me, I was near panic.

"I threatened to kick all of his stuff over..."

The next few things that happened DID NOT HELP. He laid a pretty looking dagger in the middle of the pentagram, and then he came to the car and said that I should get out. He said that he could "feel" my energy and he could tell I'd been starting to panic for awhile. Then, he asked me not to worry.

I demanded an explanation. He asked me to stand in front of the point on the pentagram that didn't have anything. No rock, no feather, no bowl of water, no candle. Was I the final piece to his sacrifice!? I threatened to kick all of his stuff over if he didn't tell me what was up.

He told me that he didn't want to talk about the ritual, but he said that he wouldn't even need to touch me during it. He just needed me to stand outside of his "circle of power" and let him look at me. He said that he'd explain everything after and that talking about it now would only break his concentration. He pointed to a robe in front of his car and asked me to strip down and put it on.

I'm not going to try to sound cool here, I was so scared that I thought if I just complied with him, he'd let me go. He wouldn't hurt me. Or at least, he wouldn't kill me. I was so scared that I stripped down naked in the dessert and dawned a purple robe. I was so afraid that I was shaking as he led me to my position for the ritual.

"...He had that dagger out again."

Next, he stepped into the middle of the circle and he told me that, whatever I did, not to enter the circle after he started. He chanted, held the knife out, spun in a circle, and then he began to talk to his gods and goddesses. Soon, he was staring at me, muttering some sort of spell.

Before I knew it, he had that dagger out again. And he was using it. On himself, on his palm. He squeezed out drops of blood onto a paper that he'd been chanting over and then he burnt the paper in the candle. Next, he did the same thing with talking to his deities and spinning in a circle.

He said he'd "closed the circle" and that I could get dressed. After I was dressed, he'd packed up and scuffed out his pentagram on the ground. Everything looked normal again.

When we were driving back, he explained that he practiced what is known as "Grey Magic." You can do things involving blood and sacrifice, as long as you harm none while you do it. He said he'd just used his own blood sacrifice and the image of me to make a love spell much more powerful. He was trying to ask his gods and goddesses for a girlfriend who was pretty and intelligent, like me, he said.

He apologized for not telling me any of this beforehand and he said that if I knew, he'd have been to embarrassed to focus. He tipped me (really freakin' well) and dropped this stunned little Vegas escort girl back where he picked me up at.

It was intense, I was so scared that I was shaking, but in the end... I learned more about yet another religion, and I walked away a more open-minded Vegas escort girl because of it.




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